July 8, 2011

another day, another editorial

Sergyo and Paloma, pulling some hair.

Sergyo working his magic.

Hi everyone. How are you all?
So, another day, another editorial and a lot of work. This time we went to the lovely W Hotel in Barcelona to do something fun. A model on wells, you know how sometimes the model complains about everything? Me neither, I have never experienced anything like this before, but this one was a moaner. We did our work anyway. And I think the results will rock. Our retouching team is already working on the pictures and the colors are just so amazing.
Thanks again to Sergyo for his hard work, and to the team for keeping up with the heat and craziness.

We nailed it!!! Can´t wait to show you the results. Next week we have another 3 editorials to complete and they are all looking pretty amazing.

Lot´s off love.

July 4, 2011


Hi everyone, I am sorry we have not posted in ages, but we have been working very hard on our beautiful editorials. So here we are, back for more.
A few days ago we went to the beach, to shoot our beach editorial. We will give you a little taste of what we were up to that day. We had an amazing day with our three models and our wonderful make-up artist/ hair stylist Sergyo.
Hard work under the boiling weather, but we think it was worth, we will soon be able to show you all the final pictures.
Will keep you posted.
Lot's of love.