June 23, 2011

New York LOVES us!

NYC babe!

Going crazy in the coolest photo store ever - behind + Empire State ...

...and crazy with all the cute shops in Soho

All of us here have a special connection to NYC!

For some of us, it is a tad more personal like falling in love, for others working, making new friends, making big dreams come true or keeping the dream alive.
Furthermore NYC is the best city in the whole wide world, for anything and everything; specially to buy photography equipment (according to Juliana), shopping (according to Paloma), "ohhh the fashion!" and much, much more that you cannot understand unless you´ve been there.
Of course we could not compare the avant-gardism to the kind found in London or the theatricality of Paris but NYC is THE place to see and be seen. Where everyone is dressed up to the nines and make an effort to look their best and follow the trends.

Lots of love!

June 20, 2011

skull for life, skull for fun

Afew pieces from their callection

David (the one on the right) is one half of the couple who designes all this treasure.

Angelica is the other half of Skull. 

 Hi. So there are a few reasons why we should I keep an eye on Skull, and the size it is going to get. Unfortunately we cannot buy Skull in Europe just yet. However we have spoken to David, and got to get a few pieces, over to this side of the pond (Thank´s Renata)  and will very soon be using it on a beautiful editorial. (we are dying to show you how amazing it will look)

So back to the reasons. First and foremost, just look at the pieces, they are all made of pure gold and silver and all have a beautiful detail added to it, be it the silk and skull bracelet, the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G skull ring with the natural crystal poking out of the skull´s brain, or my all time favourites the gold and silver, shark teeth bracelets and the bug necklace.

Second reason, just how cool the hot looking couple, responsable for skull are? Beautiful and charming Angelica (who moonlights) as a model, because SHE CAN. And David, as we can see on his picture inside the MDX Made in Brazil magazine, also moonlights as a model.  Yes they are the most good-loooking couple in the Brazilian shore.

Another reason but not the last, is that we will be working together and you will be able to see it very soon at pinkandpics.com

Cannot wait to go to Brazil and buy all of the Skull pieces. I will be rocking it all the way. Very cool.

Lot´s of love.

June 17, 2011

YES another designer to keep an eye on: Elena Gallego.

Soooo, here I am, with another designer we shall keep an eye on. Elena Gallego is very talented, fresh and one should say, a genius with colours. I am visiting her showroom next week and will select a few pieces of her amazing collection, to use in our editorials, all happening in the next 4 weeks. (Yeah, there are a few of them coming).

Will keep you posted.

Lot's of love. xxx

June 16, 2011

fun shop in Barcelona

A few days ago I went to visit a shop in Barcelona called Rollitoasi. The lovely owner was there to meet me and she was a real darling, All of the pieces in the shop are made by her, and it is like a POP explosion. All of her pieces are fun to look at and wear. I have personally selected a few pieces from her line to use in our next editorial.

If you come to Barcelona be sure to go and check the shop. C/ Rocafort 12-20. Tel: 931862790

Lots of love! xxx

June 15, 2011

designer to keep an eye on "Georgela Jose"

Another designer we at pinkandpics.com are going to work with is Georgela Jose. The first thought, that came to my mind when I saw Georgela pieces was : "Lady Gaga can rock all of this, and she will look amazing", however I then started to feel the pieces and what I discovered, were pieces I wanted to have fun with and wear it myself. Georgela was a darling who introduced me to her work, the same way a new mother introduces you to her baby. I could not help myself, so I asked Georgela to work with us at pinkandpics.com and for my luck she said yes!!!!!!!!

So here you are guys. Our next collaboration will be with Georgela. Tomorrow, she is coming to the studio to bring us all the pieces I have selected, which let me tell you was not easy (I wanted to use all of her beautiful pieces).

Yeahhhh, we will let you know more about it as soon as we can!!!!!!! Will keep you posted.
Lot´s of love.

June 14, 2011

designers to keep an eye on "a-couple"

So. Last week the pinkandpics.com girls, meet a few designers who have just finished their degree here in Barcelona, and let me tell you, we were very impressed. There is a lot of new talent out there. So, we have decided to share with all of you what we saw. We cannot reveal too much, but we can say that we are going to be working with them in our editorials, and want to keep the details "under wraps".

The first one is the good looking duo, "a-couple". Two girlfriends who work beautifully together, and have just brought out their first collection (more on this very soon). We just loved all of their pieces and will be using a lot of it in the magazine. Will keep you posted.
Lot´s of love.

June 10, 2011

hope you love it

Exiting news. Today for the first time, we can show you guys our beautiful www.pinkandpics.com logos.  What do you think??   Isn't it just darling!!!!!!! We are in love with it and hope you guys will love it too. The website will soon be live and you will all be able to see the fierce projects we have been working on. Next week we are shooting an AMAZING editorial for pink&pics. It is still a secret but as soon as we can, we will let you see it first hand. Meanwhile, why don't you check www.pinkandpics.com and subscribe to our free updates. Good Times. Lot's of love. xxx

June 9, 2011

casting day

Today we are having our first casting day. Sooooo exiting. The studio is full of long legs and hair!!!!! Let all of your model friends in Barcelona know, that today we are casting mad. Come to pink&pics and get to work with us. Lot's of love from pink&pics.

June 6, 2011

pink&pics by the sea

We spent a lovely day on the beach yesterday. And look at our nails, bright pink just how we like it here at pinkandpics. xxx

June 3, 2011

Just another day at the office.

                                                                      Juliana & Paloma.

     Every day it looks more like an office/studio.

Yesterday we went to Ikea and funnily enough we spent 5 hours in there. You would think we bought the whole store, however this cute bookshelf is one of the few items which are now part of the pink&pics family. ;)

June 1, 2011

Meetings all around.

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