June 15, 2011

designer to keep an eye on "Georgela Jose"

Another designer we at pinkandpics.com are going to work with is Georgela Jose. The first thought, that came to my mind when I saw Georgela pieces was : "Lady Gaga can rock all of this, and she will look amazing", however I then started to feel the pieces and what I discovered, were pieces I wanted to have fun with and wear it myself. Georgela was a darling who introduced me to her work, the same way a new mother introduces you to her baby. I could not help myself, so I asked Georgela to work with us at pinkandpics.com and for my luck she said yes!!!!!!!!

So here you are guys. Our next collaboration will be with Georgela. Tomorrow, she is coming to the studio to bring us all the pieces I have selected, which let me tell you was not easy (I wanted to use all of her beautiful pieces).

Yeahhhh, we will let you know more about it as soon as we can!!!!!!! Will keep you posted.
Lot´s of love.

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