June 20, 2011

skull for life, skull for fun

Afew pieces from their callection

David (the one on the right) is one half of the couple who designes all this treasure.

Angelica is the other half of Skull. 

 Hi. So there are a few reasons why we should I keep an eye on Skull, and the size it is going to get. Unfortunately we cannot buy Skull in Europe just yet. However we have spoken to David, and got to get a few pieces, over to this side of the pond (Thank´s Renata)  and will very soon be using it on a beautiful editorial. (we are dying to show you how amazing it will look)

So back to the reasons. First and foremost, just look at the pieces, they are all made of pure gold and silver and all have a beautiful detail added to it, be it the silk and skull bracelet, the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G skull ring with the natural crystal poking out of the skull´s brain, or my all time favourites the gold and silver, shark teeth bracelets and the bug necklace.

Second reason, just how cool the hot looking couple, responsable for skull are? Beautiful and charming Angelica (who moonlights) as a model, because SHE CAN. And David, as we can see on his picture inside the MDX Made in Brazil magazine, also moonlights as a model.  Yes they are the most good-loooking couple in the Brazilian shore.

Another reason but not the last, is that we will be working together and you will be able to see it very soon at pinkandpics.com

Cannot wait to go to Brazil and buy all of the Skull pieces. I will be rocking it all the way. Very cool.

Lot´s of love.


  1. niceeeee palomitaa..thanks for all...hope to see u soonnn

  2. I am totally obsessed with these. Seriously in love! I want!



  3. Kate my dear.
    I will get you the contact so you can buy all of it.
    Better when you are in NYC, xxx
    Miss you